Industrial & Office Storage Solutions


Semi-open Front StorageContainers
Semi-open Front Storage Containers
Semi-open Front Storage Containers made from high quality plastic or sheet steel are extremely sturdy and robust. They can be integrated easily into all shelving systems. The complementay sizes enable them to be used in any
combination within shelf units, independent from the application.
Stackable Multi-Purpose Stackable Storage Bins
UNICA Stackable Multi-Purpose Storage Bins
Multi-purpose bins for standard shelvings, racks, louvred panels and workstation trolleys and the range of sizes adapt to all industrial usages.
Unica Racking System
Unica Racking System

GM5606 Double sided mobile rack pictures:

Racking system for stackable bins – Wall-Mount Rack / Double-Sided Mobile Rack.

Download Wall-Mount Rack / Double-Sided Mobile Rack Product Brochure

Stack/Nest Containers
Unica Stack/Nest Containers
Spacious interior and good nesting facilities. Designed for maximum storage space saving.
Multi-tier Drawer Cabinets
Muti-tier Drawer Cabinets
Multi-tier space-saving drawers cabinets.
A4-size Stationary Multipurpose Cabinets
Office Desktop Drawers
A4-size stationary cabinets with multipurpose compartments.

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