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--> Hand Pallet Trucks – SEF Series (Weigh Scale)

Features: Impact resistant, high resolution LED display counter. OIML 6000 e accuracy at up to 0.05% error margin up to 2000 kg. Precision  made  &  assembled,  extra-rigid  chassis  assembly  for more accurate results.  Conforms to the European Union (EU) Directive on the Restriction of use of certain Hazardous Substances.

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – RTHPT Series (Rough Terrain Truck)

Features: Unique design with large pneumatic wheels and straddle legs offers a handling solution to the many problems of moving goods over difficult terrain. Suitable for applications at building sites, gardens, nurseries and all places where the ground is uneven. Adjustable fork width from 240 – 680mm.

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – CBGR Series (Roll Pallet Truck)

Features: Specially  designed  for  handling  rolls  of  paper,  carpet,  textile  or  any similar material up to 1800kg. Precision  ball  bearing  centered  wheels  for  smooth  and  light movement.

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – AC-SS Series

Features: All parts are stainless steel including hydraulic pump, chassis frame, push rods, bearings, pins, bolts, etc. ‘Anti-Impact’  feature  lowers  fully  loaded  trucks gently  even  when  release  valve  lever  is  completely squeezed. Tapered fork ends and fork tip rollers facilitate entry/ exit of pallets. Suitable  for  use  in  meat  and  other  food  industries, dairy  canning 

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – ACSR Series (Side Roller)

Features: Unique  4-directional  movement  capability via an extra set of sidewards load wheels. Perfect  tool  to  carry  long/wide  loads along  narrow  aisles  or  anywhere  where maneuverability is required. AC2000HDGN AC2000HDGW AC2000HDGN Capacity : 1500 kg Overall Forks Width : 540 mm Fork Length : 1150 mm Fork Size : 160 x 50 mm Min. Fork Height

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – AC-HDG Series

Features: Hot  dipped  galvanized  hand  pallet  truck with  fully  rubber  sealed ball  bearings  for  the ultimate in corrosion resistance. Galvanizing  process  gives  durable  corrosion protection that  stands up  to  the  constant abrasion of pallet entry and exit. Suitable  for  cold  rooms,  industrial  kitchens, hypermarkets  and  all areas  where  corrosive acids and saline solutions are used.

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – Quick Lift Series

Features: Heavy duty one piece “C” section forks for the greatest strength and durability. Quick  lift  system  automatically  switches  to  normal operation at loads above 200kg. Just  4  strokes  to  reach  maximum  height  for  loads below 200kg. ‘Anti-Impact’  feature  lowers  fully  loaded  trucks gently  even  when  release  valve  lever  is completely squeezed. Anti-overload system as

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – SF Series

Features: Superior hydraulic pump with less effort needed to lift heavy loads. Unique heavy-duty pump with high-pressure German seals. Steel steering wheels and tandem steel load rollers assure secure and smooth load movement and maximum durability in toughest environments. SF5000 SF5000 Capacity : 5000 kg Overall Forks Width : 580 mm Fork Length : 1150

--> Low Profile Hand Pallet Truck – AC-LOW Series

Features: 61mm, 51mm or 35mm lowered height. For European pallets or special applications. High tensile steel used at high stress points. ‘Anti-Impact’ feature lowers fully loaded trucks gently even when release valve lever is completely squeezed. Polyurethane steering wheels and steel load wheels. Anti-overload system as standard. AC2000LPN AC2000LPW AC2000ELPN AC2000ELPW AC1000SLP AC2000LPN Capacity :

--> Hand Pallet Trucks – DF Series

Features: Long lifetime German designed hydraulic pump with an anti-overload system. Revolutionary hydraulic pump design allows smooth lowering control with hand. Tapered fork ends and fork tip rollers facilitate entry / exit of pallets. Heavy duty one piece “C” section fork for the greatest strength and durability.