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--> Symbol DS6700 (2D) Series Barcode Scanner

The DS6700 Series general purpose bar code scanner combines the functionality of a bar code scanner, digital camera and document scanner in a single, cost-effective device. From point-and-shoot simplicity to accurate bar code scanning to capturing full-size documents, this device is the right tool for the job. Text enhancement technology makes the scanner able to

--> Motorola FR68 Mobile Computer

The compact and lightweight FR68 incorporates a 3.5G mobile phone, GPS with superior sensitivity and tracking capabilities, 1D barcode scanner, high resolution auto-focus colour camera, 3.5G wireless WAN(WWAN), wireless LAN (WLAN), wireless PAN (WPAN) and IrDA connectivity – all in a single device. The FR68 is the ideal partner for mission critical mobile business applications.

--> Argox AS-8150 Long Range Imager

The durable and ergonomically designed AS-8150 is the best-value handheld scanner in its class. This mid-range CCD scanner replaces traditional laser bar code scanners, but at a lower cost. The AS-8150 has a high intensity aiming line and captures bar codes from as far away as 200 mm. High speed bar code captures at 200

--> Motorola DS4208-HC Handheld 2D Imager for Healthcare Applications

The DS4208-HC can capture 1D and 2D bar codes on wrist bands for patient ID, pharmaceuticals, blood bags, suppositories, syringes for medication administration and specimens for tracking – as well as mobile phone and computer displays. This single affordable and easy-to-use device can error-proof and streamline processes in practically every area of your healthcare facility

--> Motorola Enterprise Mobility Services

Overview Features At-a-Glance Details Coverage OverviewExperience a new standard of service with an enhanced level of coverage from the first day of your hardware purchase. Service from the Start with Comprehensive Coverage extends normal wear and tear repair coverage to include accidental breakage of cracked plastics, broken screens, keypads and more. Comprehensive Coverage is built

--> Argox R-600 (Refine Series) Barcode Printer

The R-600 inherits the Refine Series’ mechanism. Loading capacity accommodates a maximum 360M ribbon roll and 6″ OD media supply. Adjustable media guide with centralized alignment fits all variable media from 10mm to 110mm. Easy access via a three-button control panel saves time and requires minimal training allowing the benefits of easy and fast handling.

--> MC9000 Series Mobile Computer Torture Test

No doubt the MC9000 series mobile computers are Motorola’s highest and toughest range of mobile computers. It can survive in the harshest environments – being thrown off multiple stories high buildings, run over by vehicles and bounces off hard floor surfaces. Take a look at the video clips below and judge for yourself: 1. Crash

--> UNICA Baggage Crate

UNICA Baggage Crate is ideal to use for baggage transportation in Airports, Train Stations, Cruise Terminal etc. Also works well in Conveyor Systems. It can be used to store valuables, oddsized and fragile baggages, minimising damage during transits, check ins and outs. Art No. : 7856 Dimension L78.0 x W56.5 x H19.5 cm (external) L70.0

--> Argox OS-2140 Desktop Barcode Printer

The OS-2140 thermal transfer printer provides advanced functions and performance in a durable, space-saving design. A rapid print speed of 4 inches per second ensures increased efficiency and the large 4MB Flash and 8MB DRAM onboard memory handles a broad range of applications. The USB interface ensures compatibility with a variety of computers and other

--> Motorola XR450 Fixed RFID Reader

Motorola’s XR450 RFID reader is an industrial-class, fixed RFID reader designed for business-critical, dense-reader deployments. With both mono-static and bi-static antenna operation capability, it has the flexibility to meet a wide range of application and environment needs. The XR450 fixed reader provides ease of integration and rich application support while reading tags reliably and efficiently.