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Thermal Transfer Ribbons

Thermal Ribbons

Gnox carries an extensive stock of thermal ribbon suitable for printing onto most label surfaces and packaging materials which are extremely high quality products in each of the three main types: Wax, Wax-Resin, Resin.
Adhesive Blank Labels / Preprinted Labels


Gnox offers blank adhesive or pre-printed adhesive labels for all kind of materials. Labels dimension & sizes are configurable to meet you requirements.
Receipt Paper Rolls

Receipt Paper Rolls

Gnox Paper Rolls come with 2 types namely Impact Receipt Paper and Thermal Receipt paper roll. Sizes and format is compatible with all receipt printers with 1 ply or 2 ply NCR paper roll.
Fax Ink Film

Fax Ink Film

Gnox compatible fax ink films work extremely well with virtually every plain paper facsimiles machine. We feature compatible fax ink films for most fax machine models. You can expect the same quality and capacity at a much lower price!

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