OEM Compatible Thermal Printheads

At Gnox, we provides high quality OEM compatible printheads for a wide range of thermal printers. All our printheads are engineered and manufactured with the same quality and performance specifications as the original equipment. It has a hard protective coating that extends the abrasive life of the printheads by up to four times that of our competition. This will save you money and provide you with higher quality printheads.

All our printheads are BRAND NEW – not reworked or remanufactured. We offer direct printhead replacements for a number of popular printer models including several marketed by Zebra, Datamax, Intermec and Sato.

For more information, look for your printer’s brand and then the model from the listing below. Please contact us if the model you are looking for is not listed here.



  • 203dpi (Fargo): I-CLASS I-4206/4208/I-4212
  • 203dpi (Fargo): Prodigy Plus, Max, Allegro, DMX-400
  • 203dpi: M-Class
  • 203dpi: DMX-4000
  • 203dpi: DMX-8500


  • 203dpi: 557
  • 200dpi: 512C
  • 203dpi: 506 and 506A
  • 203dpi: 506B/C/D
  • 203dpi: 508
  • 203dpi: 567
  • 203dpi: BT201E (UBI)


  • 203dpi: 3400 A,B & C
  • 203dpi: 4420

Avery Dennison

  • 203dpi: 25/30/35/40/50/55/9820


  • 200dpi: 7158, 7167


  • 203dpi: M-8480/8485S/8485SE
  • 203dpi: CL408, CL408E
  • 305dpi: CL412e and 8490S/SE
  • 203dpi: M84Pro
  • 305dpi: M84Pro


  • 203dpi: LTP251A-192 and 251B


  • 203dpi: 105S/SE, 300S, 500S
  • 203/300: 105 SL, Pax3 L&R
  • 203/300dpi: 110Pax3 L&R
  • 203/300: 110PAX4
  • 203/300: 110xi II/IIII/III+
  • 203dpi: 140, 140xi, 142, 143, 140 Xi II, 140XiIII, 140xi III+, R140
  • 300dpi: 170xi II, 170xi III, Z170xi III+, 173 PAX, 173 PAX II, 173 PAX III, 170PAX IV
  • 203/300dpi: Z4M, Z4000, Z4M+ 203dpi
  • 203/300dpi: ZM400
  • 203dpi: S600
  • 203dpi: Bravo 2 inch
  • 203/300dpi: S4M
  • 203/300dpi: Z6M
  • 203/300dpi: ZM600
  • 203/300dpi: QL320
  • 203/300dpi: Encore 3


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